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Company Belgian Polish Investment Ltd offers for sale the following real estates:

  1. Warsaw, Posag 7 Panien St. no 8 - plot of area 68.000 m2.
  2. Mielno, Senatoryjna St. - plot of the area 0,5107 ha with hotel?s building of the surface 5.000 m2 to be restored (ex Fala Hotel).
  3. Mielno, Cicha St. - plot with building permit and project apartment. We are looking for an investor or contractor interested in participation in building.
  4. Misk Mazowiecki, Sosnkowskiego St. no 1 - plot of the area, built three-storey office building.
  5. Koluszki - industrial areas intended for the production (including heavy industry). To sell designed the following plots:

- area 1.2049 ha (plot No 1312) - with the building of the area 214,10 m2;
- area 0.8263 ha (plot No 1319) - with the building of the area 3.115,90 m2;
- area 0.2159 ha (plot No 1322) - with the building of the area 355 m2;
- area 0.5815 ha (plot No 1326) - with the building of the area 2.950 m2.

The grounds are located next to the iron foundry Koluszki Foundry and Machinery Ltd. and detergents manufacturing plant and a plant road. The distance to the node Strykw the crossroads of two highways A1 and A2 is about 25 km. The area is characterized by high availability of staff on attractive terms.

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